location research, scouting and management

Seaway productions recommend the most suitable places in Cyclades Greece for any kind project.

Cyclades Aegean Sea in Greece is an ideal shooting environment featuring exciting locations,
great weather with 300 long sunny and warm days in a year
and some of the lowest rates in the Euro zone.

We have ideal locations just a few hours from all European capitals!
Let us our location scouts find the ultimate location for you!
Our teamwork provide you the information and ideas on location settings.

The location possibility he must reflect the aesthetic goals of the production descriptive with panoramic photographs or video of location and informations about ambient lighting conditions at various times of day.

We have many choices from Ideal verging Sandy beaches, taunter white washed classic island houses too neoclassical architecture City’s and industrial complex.

Send us details now about your project and we send you back our analytic propose with all costs production in 4 calendar days!
Sent us a quote request now
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Call us : +302281400236
Face time: info@seawayproductions.com
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Useful pointers for us :
What about is your product and how many days will you be shooting?
How many crew members are coming with you?
You need assistants?
You need scouts location manager?
Will you have a casting?
Will you need to rent equipment? Details about you need.
Will you need travel arrangements and accommodation?
Will you need transportations arrangements?
Write us whatever you need.
Labros Sakellariou - Scounting manager

Location scouting

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Fixer services in Cyclades Greece,finding crews,
shoot locations,
permits, production fixing,
production coordination.

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We negotiate and reserve locations and make sure all the aspects including permits, logistics, safety, insurance and property releases are covered.
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